When the wait has finally ended

”I was from a normal Telugu family and until I met him I didn’t know what love was.So let me tell you a bit about my story..”

After my 12th grade I joined SA Engineering College, I was an introvert so I didn’t socialize much. During one of our sports meet I met him. It wasn’t that love at first sight kind of a story for us. He was a charming boy from a Tam- brahmin family, he made me feel comfortable and we became good friends.

After a while he popped the question, no I am not talking about marriage we were to young for that, he asked me if I would be his girl. I didn’t say yes nor did I freak out and say no going into a shell of my own.. I told him I would think about it. I gave it a lot of thought and it just seemed right, so I told him yes. Now we were in the time where phone calls weren’t free but we still had phones. We had moments and dates, cutting classes at times or just hanging out, talking or walking in a park. We were shy and I still remember the nights I hid under the blanket talking to him over the phone in hushed tones..

I still have the viber ID i had used all those years back to stay in touch with him even after all these years. 8years went by from the day he asked me to be his and we both had jobs now, we decided it was finally the right time. He didn’t go on one knee and do anything fancy to propose marriage to me, because we knew from the moment we started dating that we were meant to be together.
Convincing his side was easy but mine faced a little turbulence, but we stayed strong and never broke down because we believed in our love.

The day we finally got married is the day I vow to remember all my life. He makes me feel complete in every possible way, he is my happiness and my voice at times. Yes we fight a lot but we reconcile and make up for all those fights. He is the only man who stole my heart and has kept it safe over all these years.

I am happy our paths crossed and fate had it written for us, because now without him I can’t imagine such a perfect life. He is my destiny..
I reached New Zealand after our marriage three weeks later.. It’s cold here but he is here by my side and that all the war than and protection I need in this weather. He helps me cook and pampers me when I need it.. Our love I stronger now and I can’t wait to see the chapters we are yet to write together in our life.