Women’s day 2018

Women, how do we best describe them? With a million thoughts running through their head and the capacity to tolerate a lot of pain, women are God’s beautiful creatures. They are naturally born with the caregiving gene – they tend to the little boo boos a baby has or handle state affairs, without a single complaint. Yes women are from Venus and are hard to understand, but are special, sensitive, loving and strong.

If they set their minds to something they can easily achieve it. This Women’s Day, we celebrate all the women in our lives whether it is a mother who we take for granted on a daily basis because she nags and calls a hundred times just to find out if we ate, a grand mother who makes pickles and spoils you to high heavens even though she can hardly walk without help, just because she loves you, a lover or a wife who does silly things just to see you smile.

Women can cross oceans, just to bring you a chocolate or a cup of coffee or try her best to pamper you like a child no matter how old she becomes.

Women come in all shapes,sizes and colours each unique with their own personality trait. They will move mountains to make sure you are safe and well taken care of (even if it means constantly nagging you to eat). It doesn’t matter who they are, they are special. Women go through a lot of physical changes throughout their life, these beautiful women from all walks of life in these pictures taken by us show that no matter what goes on, they never stop giving their all.

They are the sweetest of creatures and we the team from Zero Gravity Photography applaud and appreciate all that they do for us and wish all women a very Happy Women’s Day 2018.

This International Women’s Day, we pledge to respect women with all our hearts, and promise to cherish them all through our lives.

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