Best 20 outdoor of 2k17

Whether it is in the midst of the setting sun or on the beaches with the sand under our toes, outdoor photography is a whole lot of fun.,

Outdoor shoots poses

Right from picking the location for the picture to be taken, to the lighting, every detail matters. Sometimes the best possible picture ever taken is usually one where everything around us and the couple flows in synchrony nothing altered or added. A keen eye and good ear are also important to capture that perfect moment. Like when the sunlight falls on the couple’s faces, to capture it in that split second when everything seems perfect needs a great team, we here at Zero Gravity Photography provide that for you and ensure that those pictures we fawn over while flipping through magazines are actually a reality for you.

Sometimes Mother Nature plays against our odds, but that is beauty of outdoor photography and we still overcome obstacles to get the picture we promised.

Here are the 20 best outdoor photo shoots of ours, we travel to different places just to find the perfect location to suit our client’s needs.. whether it be the beaches of Mahabalipuram or Pondicherry or to the hill stations of Ooty and also right down to namba Koyambedu Market.. we do it all! We try to capture the little nuances that go around the couple and in between the couple via our digital eye.The most romantic of pictures are where the couples get lost in the moment are sometimes so flawlessly orchestrated that the result is better than what we could have ever imagined!

Outdoor photography may seem like a hassle, but we take great pride making our couples feel like they are in their very own movie, where they are the heroes and heroines. Whether it is an outdoor wedding photo shoot, where the couple decides to tie the knot against the beautiful backdrop of the setting sun or a Brahmin wedding where the groom is walking away for his Kasi Yatra, to destination weddings sometimes on beaches others in a scenic setting surrounded by trees and grass.. or a traditional wedding where the couple just wants to do things differently sticking to their traditional roots,there is always an added oomph factor when photos are taken in the natural breeze.

The beauty of the picture gets enhanced by the love the couple have for each other and the little smiles and their inside jokes, to the warm embraces that they share or merely just holding hands.

Sometimes a kiss can hold a thousand unsaid words, and what’s better than to capture it under a blue sky.

We believe in creating a magical visual story, a story that couples can share with their children and grandchildren, something they can look at and reminisce about even when they are older. Another myth is that outdoor photography is only for weddings, but you can also use them for portraits or create memories that will last a life time. Why not give us a shot, and let us know how it is!