Best 20 brides of 2k17

Say what you want about 2017, it has been extremely kind to us!

We have shot hundreds of weddings, across several locations, adapting to several different styles with one universal fact – the bride is the centre of attention (and rightly so)! We have seen it all – from a shy coy bride to a bride riding in on a motorbike to her Sangeet (serious swag points to her.) But why should we have all the fun? Here is a round-up of some of the best brides of 2017.

On their wedding day a woman looks her best, after all, the term ‘bridal glow’ was coined for a reason. Her features soften under the dull glow of marital bliss, her eyes speak of a powerful love, and the curves of her lips have a mischievous optimism. Every time we are booked to shoot a wedding, we are deeply humbled that you chose us to be part of your special day.

Here is to an amazing 2018 and ladies we hope this year brings you plenty of reasons to flash that smile we have been so fortunate to capture!