Gautham and Jayalakshmi wedding celebrations

Love entrails a journey that sets the path for two individuals from different walks of life to affiliate to find a destiny of their own.Such was the love story of Gautham & Jayalakshmi! A couple that went against all odds and anchored into the commitment of wedlock.With the blessings of both the families,the couple had an extravagant gala at the MRC,Chennai.

Gautam and Jayalakshmi’s wedding celebrations started off with a bang as close friends and family swayed to the joyous occasion. The classy outfits paired with some thrilling dance moves proved the night to be memorable for the couple as the atmosphere was filled with thrill towards the wedding that was mixed with some upbeat and fun tunes!

The story of this perfect wedding unfolds with the magical stares between the bride and her groom, as the love and beauty in the air takes more form. There’s a sparkle in her eye as she sits by the fire, and smiles elegantly into the camera.

The bride, a gorgeous and enamoring woman, stands decorated with ornaments and finesse. The groom,a soft and regal man, who truly understands the elegance of his stunning bride, takes her hand to support  her and guide them through this journey. The bride, enjoying this fun loving, and good humoured yet strong man, makes their connection wholesome by bringing in her sensitivity and beauty, thus striking a wonderful case of the balances, as they complement one another perfectly.