Indian Bridal Jewelry – Traditional with the Touch of Trends

With wedding season around the corner and all the brides-to-be and their families fully immersed in the wedding shopping, it only reminds me of the fact that, no Indian wedding is complete without the gold jewelry. Though imitation jewelry and stone studded jewelry has taken over, the presence of gold jewelry in the bridal trousseau cannot be wiped out.

Looking back into the history, the charm of jewelry and beauty of Indian women by adorning it was inseparable.Gold entails purity, prosperity and good fortune and so in each Indian wedding, gold jewelry is gifted to the bride as blessings from the family.In a religious perspective, buying Gold jewelry is considered auspicious and is a part of the custom and cultures. In other words, it is very rare that women in India do not love getting decked with jewelry.

The shades of this yellow metal studded with stones are an irreplaceable ornament of every bride. Conventionally, Gold has been worn in its yellow form in either 22k or 18k to make fine jewelry. Nonetheless, with growing designs, comprehensive improvement, and ripening craftsmanship, Gold finds expression in several tints and textures. The yellow tones remain the most popular, but the platinum like hues of white gold is rapidly gaining popularity.

A regal attire with the quintessential bridal gold jewelry from top to bottom is every girl’s fairytale dream of her bridal outlook. From tiara, Maangtika (NethiChuti) to neck piece, ear piece, waist band, bangles, armlets, anklets, etc., anything you wish for, you can get in the shades of yellow. Today, artisans and jewelers are constantly redefining the Indian bridal accessories with the customization of the artwork as per the customer’s needs.

With different tastes of the bride, some opt for bold, heavy and intricate elegant and huge jewelry. Some brides opt for simple, minimalistic and sophisticated designs which are monochromatic in color and easy to carry. The multiple strings of jewels have altered into single strand designs and pearls and glitzy gold have been replaced by diamonds and light crystals among other gemstones.

The art of candid wedding photography is constantly evolving. Today, brides want to capture every single moment of their getting ready session and every bridal trousseau that they are wearing. With all the pictures in the blog, it can be clearly stated that perfect setting with generous required lighting and timing are its essential ingredients. The process of capturing the real beauty of this magnificent metal is certainly an art in itself.

Piles of charmingly crafted bangles, layers of necklaces in different lengths and heavy earrings are an integral part of Indian wedding jewelry.  Bridal Jewelry is something you as a person, going to cherish forever in life. So when you choose a jewelry for your wedding, ensure it is apt for your facial structure, big enough to capture its beauty and try out unique pieces if you wish to experiment.

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