Nuts and Bolts of a Pre-Wedding Shoot

The road to the wedding commences months ahead. A journey filled with myriad forms of ecstasy and elation. The months of roller-coaster ride filled with jam-packed sessions of wedding planning, leaves the couple exhausted. In-short, in this hurry-burry they are usually devoid of cherishing the most amazing, once in a lifetime moment. In the last decade, Pre-Wedding Shoot has been a perfect excuse for the couple, to make time for themselves. In case of love marriages, this is a time to reflect the moments of the past and reinstate their love. On the contrary, for arranged marriages, the couple embrace the chemical reactions occurring in them for the first time and make adorable efforts to express to each other in their own way.

A lot of couples, today, are investing time and money in the pre-wedding photography, to capture their unique and special moments. From a rustic version of daily life, to a Bollywood style, the couples wish to capture their love, in every possible fashion. With the wide exposure to technology, couples are ready to experiment pre-wedding photography shoot in every way possible. No wonder, the pre-wedding photography genre has become an intense and incredible byproduct of wedding photography, with unique style, expression and technique. An area of art, which has just begun, with lot to left to explore.

Get to google, even a lame photographer, can pick up the knowledge about the nitty-gritty of wedding photography. Yet, not much of knowledge or information is shared about the nuts and bolts of Pre-Wedding Photography. A pre-wedding shoot is the new emerging style of announcing the date of their imminent nuptials to the world. Most couples choose to make this session as much fun and funky possible to taste the adrenaline rush of love, compassion, joy, expectation, anxiety and what not. It is casual, care-free and candid style of photography in an outdoor location, with mostly doesn’t follow any specific any structure and conventions.

    1. Acknowledge the Couple:

      The photographer needs to acknowledge the couple and must seep through their expressions to extract the story of their budding love. Break the Ice and find the story. To do this, the first step is by getting to know their history, how they met, who proposed first, where did they propose, how did they propose, their personalities etc. Accept the couple’s extrovert or introvert nature and try to bring out their tale.

    2. Brick up the Romance:

      Every love story is built with tiny bricks of love, trust and compassion. Allow them to be the free-birds flying in the sky above, painting their own dreams. On the other hand, you can also, give them ideas of cinematic style of poses and enhance their experience and beauty of the Pre-wedding shoot.

    3. Capture the Moments:

      Some moments cannot be recreated. It is the eye for detail and sense of timing of the photographer and the artist, which captures those fleeting golden moments of the couple.

      No rules, no techniques, no guidelines. Just sheer photographic art through the eyes of the Lensmen. Hitherto, there are three aspects or ABC’s of a Pre-Wedding Shoot which must be adopted by any photographer.


    A quick pre-wedding shoot tips, a handy guide for all the photographers:

      1. A pro-active photographer must make every effort to know the couple beforehand. A bond of comfort and trust must be built between the photographer and the couple.The stronger the bond, the better pre-wedding photography turns out to be. Not only will couples respond better to direction, but the photographers themselves will know how to best recreate the intangible affection and love that permeates the air around the new couple. They will know how to best exploit their characteristics and dynamic to shoot the best possible picture.

      2. Must takeinputs from the couple for the location and props required for the shoot and finalize the same well in advance.

      3. Outfits and the color must be decided much before. Some couples prefer the casual dresses. Some wish to make it glamorous with endorsing a thematic style for their outfit. Time and location of the shoot, plays a major role in the selection and color of the attire.

      4. Suggest them for change of attire for two different locations. Beware of their comfort and body language of the couple and suggest poses to the couple accordingly.

      5. Props: Balloons, Bikes, Bouquets, Umbrellas, Engagement Rings, etc., anything and everything can be used as a prop.

    Amidst the hustle-bustle of the wedding preparations, a call to all the to-be brides and grooms, never postpone or ignore the pre-wedding photography session. Many candid wedding photographers offer this, in the wedding photography package. So hurry up, get to know your photographer, do lots of planning in coordination with the artist and make the best of the fun-frolic moments of the pre-wedding session.