Top 8 Must Have Picture Perfect Photos of Indian Bride

An Indian wedding is a power packed, grand and gala event in itself. Our friends, family, relatives, and all our well-wishers are the soul of the occasion, creating enough noise and fun moments, at times, even the DJ is forced to think twice. Undoubtedly, the rituals, customs and celebrations add glory to the occasion. We get to see plethora of emotions of love, laughter, happiness, teary eyes, etc., especially life changing moments for the Indian Bride. Amidst the adrenaline rush and crowd around the bride, below are the top 8 must have picture perfect photos, which every Indian bride should not skip at any cost.

1. The Wedding Outfit: Finding the dream wedding outfit is every bride’s desire. After weeks and months of living time in the lanes, every bride wishes to have nothing less than the best for her. Wedding is the only occasion in a women’s life where she wishes to wear the best outfit and look the best. The month long hunt definitely requires a solo pic of your wedding album. Undoubtedly one photo of the beautiful bride embracing the wedding outfit.

2. The Wedding Accessories: Jewelry and Footwear are one of the most significant part of the Indian bride shopping list. While the hunt of outfit gets over, the search for perfectly matching accessory begins for the bride. With lots of options available in the market, choosing a wedding accessory is no less a task. An instantly developed eye for detail, makes it critical to choose the best suited jewelry and accessory, which you could afford and adorn in the most magnificent fashion. A photo of such a precious item of the bride is a must.

3. The Hand Shots: Spending a bomb on pedicure, facial, tan removal packs, etc., to enhance the look and feel of your hands, few photographs of your perfect hand shots are a must, which are beautifully decorated by the nail paint and work of Mehendi artist.

4. The Stunning Feet: The long hours of sitting on a chair to get a perfect Mehendi design for your leg and the elegant anklet matching the attire, skin tone and the color of the Henna. All these definitely require to be clicked. It’s time to show of your perfectly manicured legs and pose for photos. Let the rest be done by the photographers.

5. The Jumpy & Jittery Moments: Gone are the days, when bride awaits for the first look of her Prince, on her big day. With times changing, brides today look happy, bubbly and excited. The Indian Bride today does possess the Jumpy and Jittery moments, welcoming the new phase of her life.

6. Before & After Makeover Effects: The work of makeup artist to transform the Indian bride into an angel is definitely worth capturing. Those final moments before the world could see the stunning bride, must be caught the photographers. It is definitely a memory worth returning to.

7. The Grand Show Stopper Type Entry: It’s your wedding. You are the Bride. You are the show stopper. The guest’s eyes would be glued on you. Be bubbly, energetic or subtle. This is your once in lifetime, walk of fame. Be who you are. Allow the photographers to freeze your precious moments of your big day.

8. The Unconventional Photo: The staged, elegant and subtle possess of the couple goes without saying in the wedding album. However, clicking an unconventional picture by unleashing your true personality, would definitely add a colorful feather to your wedding album. Try something and crazy. Believe me, it would be a cherished memory.