Amidst the Hundred Rituals, it was a Classy Telugu Wedding

In this season of weddings, we at Zero Gravity Studios were fortunate to shoot a big fat magnificent Telugu wedding of a splendid couple Veena and Vinayaka. While the wedding was a proper arranged marriage, they love to call it as, “Arranged cum Love”. Huh! That’s beautiful. It is amazing how love penetrates in the lives of the couple, who are brought together by the destiny for a lifetime commitment. It is a strange aspect of arranged marriage that couples feel themselves filled with love and affections just by knowing each other for few months. This is sheer Marriage Magic.

Get ready to walk with us on the Trails of a fascinating Telugu Wedding in the City of Nawabs, Hyderabad.

Got hitched in the month of August 2016, the bride and groom had a short phase of courtship period, which was half filled with wedding planning and preparation. Having said that, the couple looked like they were in love with each other. Nothing is small event in a Telugu Family, their traditions, rituals and ceremonies. Even the smallest of the event consumes the length and breadth of the time and is celebrated in the most extravagant fashion.

Now, is an era where different cultures are blending and melting with each other and all the members of the family who are immersed in the joy of wedding, are looking out for every opportunity to celebrate, a day of ‘Sangeeth’ has become an integral part of most of types of wedding. What was once a north Indian wedding ritual, has found its way into some of the wedding traditions of southern India. Have a look at the stunning bride and handsome groom in their contemporary attire. A million dollar expressions and dance moves of love and happiness with lots of heavy Desi music and Dhol, filled the air of the Sangeeth Night at Golkonda.

The best part of this couple’s Telugu Wedding was, even though it was long hours of shooting, each event had a day’s gap. This benefitted not only the photographers, also the bride and the groom. A day’s gap between the Sangeet and Reception gave a rest to their body and they were back with a bang of elegance and freshness. The clicks reflected the sheer clarity and sparkle in the couple’s eyes. They were all set to pose again without any hitches during the reception at the famous Emaar Boulder Hills.

The BIG day of the bride and Groom was a tale in itself. In the City of Nawabs, like a Royal King of Mughals, the Groom made a regal appearance in a blazing, bright red and golden chariot, with a traditional kingly outfit with a work of contemporary Kundan stones, at the stunning JRC Convention Hall.

Are you thinking about the bride’s entrance? Yes! She was like a Queen of her paradise. The bride was decked up with a sparkling auspicious red color saree and perfectly complementing with a white stone jewelry. The bride graced the wedding hall with a classy dignified walk under the shade of upholstered red and white flowers twined attractively.

Just when the usual Kanyadhan ritual begins, the parents wash the groom’s feet offering their daughter’s hands. . The obliging grooms promise to love and respect their bride in return. Now is when the bride makes the final transformation. From the regular silk she wears, she is then carted off to the dressing room to don her final bridal saree. Most of them wear the white and red combination that stands for the purity and strength embedded into the promise of holy matrimony. Here, the bride was decked gorgeously in red color.

The wedding ended with the usual set of events like Arundathi natchatram, vidai and finally the gruhapravesh, where the bride enters her new home! And they were happily married ever after!

On that note, the magnificent saga of the big fat Telugu wedding comes to an end, marking a beginning of a lovely story of the couple in the journey of life. Wishing the best of things in life.

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