High on love – A tale of two cities

In this special wedding photography series, let us introduce the lovebirds Nisha and Sunil. The couple was all smiles through the festivities and could not keep their eyes off each other. This series of traditional wedding photography in Coimbatore will give you a sneak peek into their nuptials.
Nisha and Sunil were distant relatives but they first crossed paths in 2015 when they joined the same workplace. A budding friendship quickly blossomed into love, with many unspoken emotions. Sunil then flew to America to pursue his career, and Nisha moved to Coimbatore. Both stayed in touch and their bond grew over time.
The only thing left was for Sunil to confess his love and make things official, especially since they were in a long distance relationship with no label. One day Sunil called Nisha and asked her those four magic words – “Shall we get married?” to which the answer was a resounding yes!
The parents of the love-struck couple gave their blessings and the couple was set to get engaged in August 2018. The engagement took place in the presence of both sets of parents but the groom absent from the festivities! The couple tied the knot on November 14, 2018, and it has been happily ever after ever since. We had a chance to get candid with the duo about their wedded bliss.
Nisha says Sunil is getting more romantic as the days pass. “Nisha is the reason for all the good changes in my life. I am very grateful that she is my soulmate. She motivates me to be a better person every single day,” says Sunil with a smile. He finds her slang of Tamil and Telugu adorable and believes her way of speaking makes her unique and different.
When asked about what attracted him towards Nisha, Sunil quotes “ Her smile lightens up my heart. Even now after getting married when I see her I forget that she is my wife. I get a feeling of wanting to impress because I am crushing so hard on her.” Nisha’s wonderful smile is one that will make the heart skip a beat and is visible in the bridal portraits from their candid wedding photography stills.
Nisha recalls the qualities that she fell for, “He is a very kind and soft-spoken person with a good ear.” She is over the moon that they met and believes she could not have found a better partner.
The lovely couple’s wedding photos show us the love they have for each other. It is amazing how Nisha and Sunil’s eyes only scream out love in the pictures where they both are looking into each other’s eyes. Take a look at some of the shots from their wedding couple portraits, candid wedding photos, groom’s portraits, bride’s portraits, and their wedding film.
We truly had an amazing time being a part of their love story’s biggest milestone moment. Both are really so deeply in love with each other that one might coin it a sweet overdose. Hence, their story deserves to be called “High on love!”
Sunil’s Costume: Van Heuesen
Nisha’s Costume: Mahaveers
Hair and Makeup Stylist:
Wedding: Mr.Noor
Reception (Coimbatore): Viji, Bronzer Makeover Studio
Reception (Hyderabad): Sohini, Soh Touch Makeup Artistry
Wedding: Kumaran Thangamaligai
 Bridal Shower: Jewel One
Wedding: Kuladeivam Temple
Coimbatore Reception: Sri Lakshmi Kalyana Mandapam
Hyderabad Reception: Vorla Laxma Reddy Convention Center