Aesha Vora + Nishant Parik


We had the privilege of being part of Aesha and Nishant’s Wedding reception celebration. We have posted here the best candid photos from our Best Candid wedding photography collection. Their event was a classy affair and the newlyweds looked like the main characters brought to life from a James Bond movie. Aesha couldn’t stop blushing as she kept looking at her better half.

Aesha was looking radiant and her smile spread only happiness all around. The shy bride was the apple of everyone’s eyes. The couple looked lost in each other’s eyes and were all smiles for the shutterbugs. Isn’t that what happens when two hearts beat for each other?

The families of the couple also looked their very best and left no stone unturned in making the gala a grand one. We wanted to share an inside look of what happened on their special day. Don’t the photos make the couple look like an epitome of love?