Abisha Isaac+George Arvind


“Love can come when you’re already who you are, when you’re filled with you. Not when you look to someone else to fill the empty space. ” -Deb Caletti

We had the privilege of offering our Best Wedding Photography services to cover the celebration of the wedding of Abisha Isaac and George Arvind. We have set out a collection of photos for this blog from their Bridal portraits, Groom Portraits, Candid photos, and Wedding photos to give an insight of the their happiest moments.Amongst these photos you will find some of the photos that best come under our Best wedding photography in Madurai since the nuptials took place at Madurai. The photos from the reception which took place in Vellore fall under our Best candid wedding photography in Vellore.Abisha and George’s fairytale teaches us that family and love are the most important things in life. Both are family oriented and have inculcated family values.Theirs is an arranged marriage which grew into a love story that could be an inspiration for the ages. A glimpse into their romance is available below in their candid photos and couple portraits which have come out very well.Abisha knew that George was the one when she asked him “Will you let me practice law after we get married?”. George replied saying “Who am I to decide that?”–which was cupid’s sign that he was the one.Abisha a lawyer by profession knew that it would be difficult for her to find a man who would support her vision of having a successful career. She wanted a man who was outspoken, a guy who was broadminded. George fit the bill perfectly.Abisha had always known that she had wanted an arranged marriage as she believed the liability in it was much better when compared to love marriage. Having studied law at London and Bangalore, she had experienced or rather had been surrounded by a lot of love relationships and developed an aversion towards it. She is spiritual and believed that she will meet her soul mate when the right time comes and she didn’t believe in chasing love.She had been very clear to her parents that she didn’t want to meet George the traditional way by serving tea and snacks to the groom and his family. She believed that marriage is between two people and so she would only want to meet George and speak with him.Abisha’s father was a close friend of George’s dad and that is how the alliance happened. Her father really liked George and found him to be a perfect suitor. All she knew about George and his family was that they run schools. She saw videos of speeches given by George on Youtube and was impressed.During the first meeting, as Abisha quotes “I found him to be cocky because instead of talking about me he was discussing Politics, geopolitics and history. I did enjoy the conversation but deep down I was kind of hoping that he would be sweet and flirt with me a bit. I found out later that he is a balanced person.”Funnily recollecting, she says that they had initially decided to take a time of three months to decide if they wanted to be together. They ended up taking the decision in three days. Fast forward three months later; they got married on Dec 27.The celebrations started with a Sangeet followed by the wedding ceremony. It was a Semi-English wedding; they took their vows in a beautiful church. Abisha wore a very beautiful white wedding gown while George looked his best in a Tuxedo. The whole wedding decor theme was “Enchanted forest of Doves,” whereas the hashtag for their wedding was #abigetsgeorgeous.

Isn’t there Arranged-love story extremely cute?