Romance follows roses

Annu and Balaji’s wedding was a three-day celebration of their eternal love! Done in a traditional Tamil Brahmin style, they had a mehandi, sangeet, viradham, engagement, reception and the wedding.

The bride’s hand was adorned with intricate mehandi during the function, that ripened to a deep red. (As the old wives tale goes, the darker the mehandi, the more love between the couple!) The couple looked nothing short of regal, with the bride in her red and white lehenga and the groom looking dapper in his finery.

The rest of the functions, in true Tamil Brahmin style, had the couple in traditional attire. The bride was bursting with energy in her madisar and the groom was the picture of elegance in his panchakatcham. As the couple stood in front of their friends and family to proclaim their love for each other, it was clear that the union of these two souls was meant to be!