Beautiful love story of akriti sachdev and farhan sajjad

A Cinematically Dream Come True Cinematic, Yet a real Tale of Love

A New-Age Real Life ‘Bombay’ Love Tale

A Love Story or a Real Movie in Making – A Perfect Story Pitch for a Filmmaker

Farhan is Every Girl’s Dream – A Teaser of a Gripping Romantic Tale

Wedding in India

Blush, concealers, foundations, shimmers, hair styling, etc., ruled the life of a pilot who dwelled in a cockpit. Isn’t that intriguing?  An early morning hush-hush to their professional was the mutual factor of both their professions. Yet, they ensured they were with each other in the bumpy road a life. Wondering about the love story?

Wedding in India

This isn’t any textbook love story such as Romeo-Juliet! A real-life love story which is a modern spin on the 90’s Bombay movie – filmy yet forthright. The Hero, the Groom, Farhan Sajjad is a pilot who lives a life of flying high and the Heroine, the Bride, Akriti Sachdev is a renowned Makeup Artist who makes every bride’s dream to reality. Guess what? As always, mutual friends are always the best. Akriti and Farhan met each other at a mutual friend’s party and they are proud to say that, ‘We struck the right chord at the first instinct’.

Wedding in India

The Love Flight took off six years ago when they both hadn’t started their professional life. Blessed they were, a perfect time to get to know each other and their depth of love to hold each other’s hands during the formative years of their career. The love blossomed into a strong pillar of support! Alas! True love always triumphs the odds!

Just a few weeks back, Farhan went a little out of the box and meticulously planned a proposal for her. Very filmy yet delightful. A proposal in the early hours of the day, on a hot air balloon, 2500 feet in the air, near Sigriya in Sri Lanka! Guess our hero, the Groom and his dreams are always flying high! Lucky Akriti, a dreamy proposal from the love of her life.

It was time, the families got involved and gave a green signal for this relationship. Kudos to their attitude towards life and upbringing, there were no negative thought infused. Even though both the families were from a different religious and cultural background, the respect for each other’s and couple’s thoughts, values and emotions were a front-foot sixer in this love story. An intimate betrothal with the closely knitted circle of family and friends marked the beginning of a beautiful and inspiring tale of life.

A post-engagement bash of music and dance, just for those intimate threads their life – friends and family added to the magical of romance to their world of love. An LED dance floor along with blockbuster Bollywood and Hollywood beats of music infused the flavor and color of fun and masti..

In the times, when marriages are broken for petty reasons, Akriti & Farhan are creating historic wedding tales for the next generation to inspire and look back and get the strength to persevere love and marriage with patience and trust and be the wind behind the wings of each other. We wish the bride and the groom, the best of things in life filled with love. We are eager and looking forward the magical moments of their Wedding Bells, ringing in the month of June. Stay tuned to the scintillating Wedding Diaries of Akriti & Farhan.