London – American Dreams nestles in the Land of India

Arranged or Love, every wedding is packed with clichéd as well as exceptional out-of-box moments, filled with surprises and umpteen emotions. Yes! This is what excites us, as photographers. Jumping back to the days of shooting the scintillating love tale of Sneha and Harish, we had one of the best times of our life.An unforgettable experience in itself.

Digging into their passionate love story, we realized, it’s the mutual friends and destiny which has brought, Sneha and Harish together. A few meetups and get together with our friends brought as close in the budding friendship. We shared our contact information and left to lead our new journeys of life. Unintentionally,they left a mark on each other.She was heading to London to pursue her higher education, so was Harish, flying to America for his further studies. Sneha felt, her life was perfectly timed.

When questioned Sneha, how love happened, she stated, with happiness and glow on her face, ‘We were in touch, sharing all the happenings in each other’s new land, far away from home. Slowly, things changed and emotions ran through miles to piles. The daily texts changed to phone calls and memorable skype calls. Both of us knew, an emotion existed between us, which was more than friendship. The urge to be physically present, the adrenaline rush to wait for each other calls, frequently prevailed. It was a silent emotion, expressed with gestures of love, trust and compassion for each other and not explicit proposal through words’.

She grins and enlightens, ‘Amidst the hectic schedule of studies, we both made time to visit each other. The first meet wasn’t the last. It was the beginning of a something to forever last. It was the excitement

and eagerness to meet each other and constantly expressing our love and care, kept us going, amidst the barriers of borders of long distance relationship’.

Blessed with supportive and understanding parents, Sneha edifies with a big smile, ‘After four and half years of love, romance, fights, care, affection, compassion and trust, I have married my best friend for life’.

So was the beautiful flashback of the love story of the stunning bride Sneha and the charming groom Harish.

Sangeeth Night:

With just three months in hand to do the wedding planning and preparations, it was hectic and chaotic wedding schedule for the couple. The wedding rituals and function commenced with an in-house Pandakaal and Nalungu function, post which, they had a Sangeeth Night, decked with colorful and fun-filled dance, music and delicious food. The bride wore a maroon colored, elegant gown and the groom walked in adorning a perfect black and white suit. A picture perfect color combination. No hesitation, no shyness, no awkwardness. The couple grooved and stepped up for their favorite music chartbusters with lots of love and drama. An impressive, entertaining evening, packed with plenty of surprises for the couple, planned perfectly by the bride’s sister Shilpa and her mutual friends.

Simple Temple Wedding:

The most unique feature of this couple’s wedding was, ‘The couple knotted twice for life’. Yes! You read it right, they tied knot twice, once in a temple and once in a Mandapam. The simple temple wedding happened at the famous Thiruneermalai Temple in Chennai. The couple embraced a traditional avatar. The bride wore a traditional saree in the auspicious red color and the groom sported with the standard style of Veshti & Shirt. A humble wedding, attended by the intimate close family and friends.

The Gala Wedding at the Mandapam:

The Second Innings of the Wedding started after a two day gap, at the stunningly large extravagant hall,the Mayor RamanathanChettiar Centre in Chennai. From the entrance to the decorations, lighting, to the lively bride, to the gallant groom, wedding in Mandapam possessed a beauty in itself. Though, both the bride and the groom walked in with traditional attire, this time the bride’s outfit was categorically different. With the heavy work on the saree and blouse, along with anintense fashionable makeup and classy jewelry, the bride was looking classy and splendid. Rituals, ceremonies, games and spontaneous delightful actions and reactions, between the couple and their near and dear ones, added a happy memory to this love tale.

The Reception:

After the hectic, yet exceptional wedding ceremonies, the night was decked for a pleasant and sophisticated reception. The bride walked in with a modern look, wearing a golden-pink trendy Lehenga-gown attire and the groom was dressed in classic blue and white suit. The stage was marvelously decked with gorgeous flowers complementing their color of the outfits. The happiness to be tied to each other for life, reflected in their smiles and actions. Family and friends added beautiful feathers to their love story.